Why Scenic City Strength & Fitness?

SCSF distinguishes itself in 4 specific ways.

Guaranteed Results

At SCSF, we take our job seriously. As a client, you are trusting in us to produce results. We are so confident in our ability to provide that, we guarantee it! If you sign up for an SCSF membership, you have 30 days to decide if it’s for you. If for any reason you are unhappy, we will refund your money – no questions asked!

Elite Coaching

All of our programs are designed and supervised by professional coaches. Every staff member on our team is held accountable for continuing their education and staying on top of the latest fitness research. We are constantly evolving our programming to reflect that. We know that you are putting your trust in our knowledge, experience and professionalism. We will continually track your progress to ensure that you are moving toward your fitness goals. We are not “workout hosts”. We are coaches. There’s a big difference.


We know that beginning an exercise program is daunting and difficult. We’ve been there, and so have our members. That’s why we have an exclusive SCSF Facebook support group for every step of your journey, from weekend workouts and recipes to tips and guidance. We will answer any questions you might have along the way. You will be part of a family here that will be here to support your fitness journey.


We are a private personal training business that comes with an extra layer of accountability – both from the staff and your fellow SCSF members. In a big box gym, they expect you to not show up.At SCSF if we don’t see you for a week – we’ll know it and so will you. We want you here, because if you’re here, you’ll see results faster and your chances of sticking to your program will increase.

Scott Carswell - SCSF Client Spotlight


Personal Training

Team Personal Training

Our team personal training sessions feature a unique mix of strength training, mobility work, and conditioning work that allows staff members to individualize elements for all clients on the floor regardless of their fitness or ability level. Our team training program and philosophy is unlike any other program in the Chattanooga area.

Personal Training

These sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 clients per session per coach. Each client enrolled in this program receives an initial assessment, goal setting session, and a customized training program designed specifically for their fitness level and goals.
Note: These sessions are available through appointment only.

Private Sessions

These sessions are designed for clients who desire a more intimate training experience with their coach. Clients receive an assessment, goal setting session, and their own custom training program designed specifically for them.
Note: These sessions are available through appointment only.

Contact SCSF for more information.

30 Min. “Express” Sessions

These private sessions are designed for clients who need or want some extra work in a specific area or who have a limited amount of training time in the schedule. These sessions are designed for maximal efficiency based on the client’s training goals.
Note: These sessions are available through appointment only. Also, clients should plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm up for their session.

Gracie Pierce - SCSF Client Spotlight


Nutrition Coaching

Premier Nutrition Coaching Program

Are you finding yourself confused by the TONS of information out there on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it? Do you struggle with being consistent with your nutritional approach without some added accountability? Under the direction of Coach Green, our premier nutritional coaching program is designed to help you develop a consistent and repeatable nutrition approach based on changing the habits that are the foundation of your nutritional plan.

Here is what you can expect in this 12 week, individualized program:

  • - Initial consult w/ Coach Green (includes initial survey filled out prior to appointment) - @60 mins.
  • - Initial & final measures & photos (photos not required but encouraged)
  • - Initial dietary/behavior/habit recommendations
  • - 12 weeks of daily accountability messages from Coach Green to ensure adherence to recommendations
  • - Final consult & review - 45 mins.

If you have been struggling w/ finding the right nutritional approach and/or need some accountability to stay on track, this is just the program you are looking for!

Note: In order to dial in recommendations during program and get the best results, clients should plan to re-measure in weeks 3,5,7, & 9. These @15 minute follow up appointments are strongly recommended for best results!

Nutrition Accountability Coaching

This service is available to any clients who have completed the Premier Nutrition Coaching Program and would like to continue to receive accountability support and a monthly check-in.

Body Composition Testing

Would you like to go BEYOND the scale and REALLY see how your exercise routine is affecting muscle gain and fat loss? Contact us today to get tested today so we can help you dial in your nutrition plan and exercise routines!

Each testing session provides a personalized printout and complimentary goal setting session designed to help participants utilize testing information.

Check out Mariah Varner's experience in the Nutritional Coaching Program!

Check out Kamrie Rich’s experience in the Nutritional Coaching Program!

"After recently committing to play softball in college, one of my goals is to start as a freshman. One of the things I knew I needed to work on to reach this goal was my diet - it has been all over the place! I knew what I probably should be eating, but I didn’t really have a plan to keep me on track. When I heard that SCSF was offering nutrition coaching, I knew it was what I needed, so I signed up. After meeting with my coach and reviewing my current diet, he gave me two simple habits to work on the past few weeks. He wasn’t telling me exactly what to eat, but instead teaching me better choices based on my goals of getting leaner and quicker. Three weeks later, I have lost 15lbs and multiple inches! My energy levels and focus are through the roof as well. I am stronger and quicker in my workouts, and I recover faster too. I’ve still got 9 weeks of coaching left! I can’t wait to see what I achieve by the end of the program. If you are an athlete who is nutritional game needs an upgrade, check out SCSF’s nutrition coaching program. You will thank yourself that you did!"

- Kamrie Rich (who lost 24lbs, 8 inches, 6% BF during program)


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