Courtland Middleton
Administrative Support
What is your favorite aspect of SCSF?
"One of the things I love about SCSF is the relationships I have gained through out the facility, not only with the coaches but with clients as well. I like that SCSF can vary from coaching one on one, to letting someone do their own thing, with encouraging words, if they are handling their workout well. One of my favorite aspects is that I know I am always going to have a challenging workout that not only focuses on one part of my body, but works my entire body."
Current School:
Chattanooga State
Sports Played
Softball (high school, travel)
What made you want to work at SCSF?
"I love the atmosphere at SCSF. SCSF is a place I have grown up mentally and physically at over the years. With that being said, I have seen where hard work can get someone and I want to help and encourage other people achieve their goals. I feel like SCSF is one huge family and that’s not something you could get at most places."